Around 5 years old and pulled from a terrible hoarding situation, Daisy had just had another litter of puppies before coming to us. All her puppies were adopted and now it was finally her turn. Although she was very sweet, loved to be held, and adored other dogs she was understandably very timid, fearful of men, and was never potty trained. Thankfully, one of KRI’s past adopters was looking to give her first KRI rescue dog, Bridgette, a friend. After years in a hoarders home, and months of being bounced around in rescue, this girl couldn’t be happier with her new life: a canine sis ter to show her the ropes, chihuahua friends at the dog park, cute outfits to keep her warm, a warm bed, and most of all a patient and loving mom! Thank you to everyone, most of all her fosters, for helping with this happy ending!