If you are thinking about surrendering your dog, please exhaust every possibility to keep him in the home he knows and finds comfortable. Please do not add to the vast numbers of homeless animals unless you have absolutely no other choice.

Consider a temporary foster home until you can resolve any issues:
The Safe Haven Programs and Seer Farms Animal Sanctuary are national networks of temporary fostering/boarding for people forced to part with bonded companions because of personal or family crisis, including domestic violence, eviction, hospitalization for physical or mental treatments, etc. Their goal is to reunite people with their companions when the crisis is resolved whether it be days, months or years.

If the issue is deployment, try contacting these resources:
Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet or Dogs on Deployment.

  • Please think twice before posting your dog on Craigslist or similar sites. Pets rehomed this way can be subjected to dog fighting, abuse/neglect, use in research facilities, pet-flipping, etc.
  • Please do NOT rehome an unaltered dog. Spaying and neutering your pet and ensuring they are up-to-date with all medical needs will help them find a new home faster.

​ Knine Rescue is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. We do not have a kennel or visiting hours. We are made up of foster homes & volunteers. Only very few dogs at a time can be taken in to re-home. Before surrendering your dog to Knine Rescue, a volunteer MUST meet your dog to conduct a behavioral assessment to see if a suitable foster is available.

  • If we have a suitable foster, you will be required to sign a surrender form, and provide a complete copy of vet records. Should the dog not be spayed/neutered, microchipped, or up-to-date on vaccinations, we kindly ask for a donation to get them ready for adoption.
  • If we do not have a suitable foster, if you can continue to provide a safe home for your dog, we can help advertise it and vet applications for you.
  • If you we do not have a suitable foster and you can no longer provide a safe home for your dog, a surrender donation could help us pay for temporary boarding until a foster home becomes available.

We will need:

  • Copy of vet records ($50 for missing vax)
  • Microchip number ($10 if not chipped)
  • Proof of spay/neuter ($100 if not altered)
  • Rabies Certificate ($25 to bring up to date)
  • Behavioral assessment by KRI Representative

If you wish to speak to someone regarding rehoming your pet, please email