Get Involved

We would not exist without the hard work and dedication of our fosters and volunteers. The number of dogs we can save depends directly on the number of people we have helping us.

Why Foster Homes Are So Important

Fostering an animal can be an incredibly rewarding experience. If you have room in your heart and home for one more, or are considering a dog or a cat, but you can’t make a long-term commitment just yet, fostering is a great option to consider. You’ll get the experience of being a pet parent and the satisfaction of knowing you helped save the lives of an animal in need and the shelter space fostering opens up.

Below are five ways an animal may benefit from a foster home:

  1. More socialization: A foster home allows for lots of family time and attention, better preparing the animal for his or her forever home. Knine Rescue pets come from a wide range of situations. Many have known very little human kindness, and come from high kill shelters, cases of neglect, hoarding, puppy mills, cruelty or abandonment. Some come from families that move and don’t find the option to keep a pet. Surrendered due to allergies, budget, babies, and changing family situations.
  2. More exercise: A dog with a back yard, or daily walk is going to get more activity than a shelter situation can typically provide. Active dogs can channel their energy, plus you get fantastic company while you get more activity as well! Watching a dog’s confidence build and blossom with regular handling and exercise is very rewarding!
  3. Less stress: Some animals become very stressed in a shelter environment, making it harder to appeal to potential adopters. Just like people, they can get depressed, loose appetite, be exposed to illness, or become agitated from prolonged isolation. A relaxed space allows these animals to thrive. The act of petting an animal can greatly reduce a human’s stress level.
  4. Time and space for recuperation: Dogs and cats that are recovering from an illness or injury do a lot better in a quiet, comfortable environment where they can heal.
  5. Time for puppies and kittens to reach adoption age: Sometimes, litters come into shelters and the animals aren’t old enough to be adopted. A foster situation allows these young animals the time and space to grow and thrive. If the mother comes into the shelter with the litter, she will likely be placed in the foster home as well.

You provide the love and security, we take care of the expenses.

As a foster, you have first dibs to what we lovingly call “foster fail”. In other words, if you fall in love with the pet you’ve been fostering, you are first in line to officially adopt.

Can’t foster? There are MANY other ways you can volunteer with us, even if you have limited time or resources, so please reach out today!

Some ways you can help:

  • Review applications
  • Contact landlord/vet offices
  • Set up/conduct home visits
  • Help with events
  • Assist with fundraising and/or supply donations
  • Transport dogs from foster homes to events, vet appointments, training, or shelter partners
  • Use your social media channels to promote KNR dogs
  • Create your own neighborhood or community event to benefit KNR
  • Make a monetary donation. Every dollar helps animals in need.
  • Donate/collect items like blankets, towels, food, pee pads, toys and chews