We want to send a heart felt thanks to everyone who donated towards Cinna’s care. Together, we raised over $3k! We learned about Cinna in early February but did not think we could take on the enormous cost of her medical needs while caring for the other dogs under our care. But we made the mistake of visiting her. How could we possibly say no then? Cinna suffered from a congenital abnormality called Persistent Right Aortic Arch which prevented her from eating properly. Skin and bones under all that fluff, this little girl had no idea how sick she was. We officially took Cinna into rescue on 2/18/15 and scheduled her life-saving surgery for 2/23/15. The staff at both MCASAC and UVa Blackburg were wonderful in showing us how to administer feedings and we were blessed when a wonderful foster stepped forward to care for her. Unfortunately, due to the complications of her condition as well as a severe heart murmur, she began deteriorating at an increasing pace. Her vet team tried their best to get her well enough for surgery but unfortunately her little body would just not cooperate. So many cards stacked against such a sweet spirit! Faced with putting her through a surgery she may not survive, the decision was made to gently end her suffering.We chose to honor Cinna’s life, as short as it was, by letting the students and staff study the causes of her illness in the hopes that they go on to save many many more pets in need. The money leftover from Cinna’s fundraiser will be directed towards the other special needs cases we have, specifically the 4 seniors pulled from the terrible hoarding situation.