Terrier - Young - Male

Charlie is a chunky pit bull who smiles NON STOP. You have (seriously) never met a friendlier dog. He is being fostered with 8 kids and loves them all. He is non-aggressive and considers everyone an instant friend. He weighs @80 lbs but we are trying to trim him down a little.

More info from his foster: He is THE HAPPIEST BOY I have ever had the pleasure of being around. He smiles all the time and always wants to be by your side getting loved on OR ready to go on the next adventure with you. He is so excited to just be with you. He is 5yo & 80lbs (should be 60 & we’re working on it). He is neutered and UTD on shots. He is an absolute wonderful bundle of joy. I have gotten to know him better this week and let me tell you . HE WILL NOT DISAPPOINT!! I have never met a dog so happy, easy going, good-natured, warm hearted, loving, gentle, kind, fun-loving, & spunky. Well, spunky as much as his chunky butt will allow. I cannot say enough good about him. He is simply adorable.’